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Zorki 4k 35mm film photo camera

Old Film Photo Camera – Zorki 4K 35mm

Full manual body SLR camera with complete manual operations and fully mechanical functions. There is a standard fixed lens (50mm / f2) attached to it. It’s having a bulb shutter feature for unlimited exposure...

Lenses - canon fd 50mm f1.4

Camera Lenses – Description and Types

There are a large variety of lenses available for cameras on which the lens is interchangeable. Every type of lens applies for different photographic applications. These types of lenses can be: wide angle, ultra-wide...

Camera tripod

Tripods & Mounts – Types and Uses

For assuring the camera stability when photographing, various camera supports can be used. These are tripods, monopods and other mounting types. The idea is that each of these camera mounts will help keeping the...